Friday, August 8, 2008

Audrey's complaints

S brought Arson out without me!! Its super duper evil of her to leave me at home with s3 just so that I can be a walking milk bottle to the pups!

(S: They are your pups! Who else is going to feed them?!?!?!)

Arson was brought to Labrador park, west coast dog run, sentosa and a wet market all in one day! Shucks, why cldn't I have gone!!!

S said she brings Arson to the wet market because the auntie gives a discount to Arson when she sees him. SHEESH. Arson is not a walking discount card! He is my hubby and slave~~!!

(S: You eat most of the food so stop complaining!!)

Is it not enough that I am the milk supplier? I am also the resident choo choo train for the pups! Don't you always see a trail of pups running behind me? For all the work that I do around our home, i deserve all the food I get!

(S: Erm...that's why you get the lion's share of the food & toys right? )

S, in case you don't get food is converted into milk. And, my toys are shared with my kids!!!

(S: Okay...i get it. Your cheese cake is in the fridge. You can eat that for dessert okay? -_-'' )

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