Thursday, April 2, 2009

Combining blogs

Have decided to combine all the blogs with the puppies's blog.

Pleas visit instead. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Poor Arson

From S:

We totally forgot it was Arson's birthday yesterday. Only last night, when my sis and i were talking, did we suddenly realised that he had turned 3! It was already 10pm, too late to do anything about it. I had nothing in the house that could transform to a special treat for him, so we ended his birthday with just a hug and kiss.

I feel so guilty that he had such a miserable birthday. Not only did we not get him a cake, Audrey is in he has been very needy and sad. You can hear him whinning the entire day AND night, wishing he was allowed to be with Audrey. He has lost weight ever since she started her heat, and his appetite is also decreasing by the day. He is so upset by her that his coat is also losing its "shine". He is one sad dog!!!

Audrey's previous heats also resulted in similar results. My happy boy becomes mopey and depressed. But this particular heat really takes the cake! Just the sight of Audrey makes him shiver in anticipation. You can hear his whines from the living room, even though he is in the bedroom.

We stil have another 14 days before her heat ends. Once it does, i promise i will make it up to you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What i have been up to..

From Audrey:

So with one of my human slaves in the US studying grooming, i only have my 2 remaining slaves. They have been treating me like a queen to get me back in condition. I have returned to my original weight, and my coat is returning too. I had part of my coat shaved off in preparation for the pups and it is growing back nicely :)

Have not been going out much because of the dreadful rain. Been forced onto the treadmill instead. I don't mind going onto it, but nothing beats a good walk

My husband has been spending his time lazing on the bed, but rushes for the sofa every opportunity he gets. It used to "belong" to him. He would spend hours sleeping on it while S does housework but it now goes to the babies. They watch animal planet with S. Leonie, in particular, likes watching TV.

A lot of the neighbours are doing renovations work to their homes. It took the babies a day to get used to the noise of constant drilling. Now, they can sleep through it and hardly notice it. I think S has a harder time adapting. She complains it disrupts her naps -_-

Well, i got to go reclaim my spot. Arson just went to sleep next to S, but that spot belongs to me. S keeps using Arson as a bolster but i think its time i put a stop to that and let them know who is Boss. S will be my pillow tonight. Muah hahaha!

Friday, September 26, 2008



Its been a LOOONGG LOOONG time since my humans have helped me blog. They say its because of the puppies. I say they are just lazy. Hello?? They are my children. I look after them, not the humans! Sigh. Excuses, excuses, excuses

With one of my humans in the US, and other one busy with exams, i am left with only one slave. I guess i just have to make do :(

I spend my days teaching the puppies lessons about life. I am the queen, they are the slaves. I tell Arson that too every morning. I see myself as a modern day Cleopatra (I just love the way she lies down. I do that all the time)

I exercise by vaulting over puppy gates (aka baby gates). No matter how high the obstacle, i can jump over it. It makes my humans want to slam their heads against the wall, but hey, I am the ruler. I make the rules. So what if the puppies wake when i enter their room? They shouldn't sleep till i tell them to!

Well, I will appraise my human's performance for this month, and let her know where she is lacking. I am sure she will forget to fluff my pillow. I better go tell her now!

Till next time :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

166, 167 And 168th SKC Dog Show - Results

Overall, our results are:
166th show under australian judge: BOB, BIG
167th show under thai judge: BOB
168th show under Singapore judge: BOB

Pretty okay considering that Arson has no coat now that he has just completed his shed. The next dog show will either be in Nov or Dec. Not confirmed yet. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Audrey's complaints

S brought Arson out without me!! Its super duper evil of her to leave me at home with s3 just so that I can be a walking milk bottle to the pups!

(S: They are your pups! Who else is going to feed them?!?!?!)

Arson was brought to Labrador park, west coast dog run, sentosa and a wet market all in one day! Shucks, why cldn't I have gone!!!

S said she brings Arson to the wet market because the auntie gives a discount to Arson when she sees him. SHEESH. Arson is not a walking discount card! He is my hubby and slave~~!!

(S: You eat most of the food so stop complaining!!)

Is it not enough that I am the milk supplier? I am also the resident choo choo train for the pups! Don't you always see a trail of pups running behind me? For all the work that I do around our home, i deserve all the food I get!

(S: Erm...that's why you get the lion's share of the food & toys right? )

S, in case you don't get food is converted into milk. And, my toys are shared with my kids!!!

(S: Okay...i get it. Your cheese cake is in the fridge. You can eat that for dessert okay? -_-'' )

Sunday, July 27, 2008


S abandoned me for a few hours today because she came home with some super yummy food! S went farm roaming today because she wanted to buy Organic veggies for us! S came back with 13 different types of veggies for us! Here are some photos S took of our veggies!

Dragonfruit flower at the farm:

S bought all sorts of veggies to mix with our meat!