Friday, September 26, 2008



Its been a LOOONGG LOOONG time since my humans have helped me blog. They say its because of the puppies. I say they are just lazy. Hello?? They are my children. I look after them, not the humans! Sigh. Excuses, excuses, excuses

With one of my humans in the US, and other one busy with exams, i am left with only one slave. I guess i just have to make do :(

I spend my days teaching the puppies lessons about life. I am the queen, they are the slaves. I tell Arson that too every morning. I see myself as a modern day Cleopatra (I just love the way she lies down. I do that all the time)

I exercise by vaulting over puppy gates (aka baby gates). No matter how high the obstacle, i can jump over it. It makes my humans want to slam their heads against the wall, but hey, I am the ruler. I make the rules. So what if the puppies wake when i enter their room? They shouldn't sleep till i tell them to!

Well, I will appraise my human's performance for this month, and let her know where she is lacking. I am sure she will forget to fluff my pillow. I better go tell her now!

Till next time :)

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