Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Poor Arson

From S:

We totally forgot it was Arson's birthday yesterday. Only last night, when my sis and i were talking, did we suddenly realised that he had turned 3! It was already 10pm, too late to do anything about it. I had nothing in the house that could transform to a special treat for him, so we ended his birthday with just a hug and kiss.

I feel so guilty that he had such a miserable birthday. Not only did we not get him a cake, Audrey is in heat..so he has been very needy and sad. You can hear him whinning the entire day AND night, wishing he was allowed to be with Audrey. He has lost weight ever since she started her heat, and his appetite is also decreasing by the day. He is so upset by her that his coat is also losing its "shine". He is one sad dog!!!

Audrey's previous heats also resulted in similar results. My happy boy becomes mopey and depressed. But this particular heat really takes the cake! Just the sight of Audrey makes him shiver in anticipation. You can hear his whines from the living room, even though he is in the bedroom.

We stil have another 14 days before her heat ends. Once it does, i promise i will make it up to you!

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