Friday, March 14, 2008


S brought us for a 6km walk yesterday. She actually intended it to be a 10km walk but it rained halfway so we were forced to turn back! Boo Hoo.. Ironically, it was super sunny today but S didn't have the time to walk us so far. We only went our normal 2km. S tries to walk us 3 to 5 times a day but with the rainy season, we only manage one nowadays. :(:(:(

S was worried Arson would jump into the big canal because he got VERY excited looking at the rushing water in it. S said that if he jumped in, she would be very angry because she would have to jump in too. Opps!

Arson boy used to run 5km a day with his handler Maria. That is Maria's way of helping Arson build up his muscles. S wishes she could do that too but S would rather walk. That is why S bought us a treadmill. Its her cheaters way out! S is trying to get Arson to run on it but he always refuses. I, on the other hand looove it to bits! S gives me lots and lots and lots of yummilicious food while i run and especially when I am done. Heehee..

The bad thing about going for walks on rainy days is that S always bathes us when we come back! I don't understand it at all because we already bathed in the rain! Arson boy doesn't like the rain and tries to avoid it as much as possible. I was doing funny expressions when the rain went into my eyes. S laughed so hard that she almost dropped the umbrella. Weird...

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