Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clicker and training


After having Arson for 5 months, I decided to introduce the clicker to Arson last week. I'm glad to say, he's got it! We have progressed to targeting, and he is getting the hang of it.

Audrey is great with the clicker. She doesn't know many things, but that is my fault. I only made her learn her sit and down and some other fun tricks, like targeting, attention,bang, real bang, wave, paw, change paw etc. She also knows wait and leave it, which i feel is really important.

Audrey is really fast with learning, as compared to Arson. She can learn a trick a day. She learnt the Sit command when in quarantine by accident. I never intended my dogs to learn how to sit, because some feel it isn't good for dogs competing in conformation to learn. But, i couldn't help myself and i let the word `sit` slip out of my mouth a couple of times. So, within the 2 hours that i was with her in quarantine, she mastered the Sit command.

Now i am really tempted to sign both of them up for classes...But i can't commit to training schedules, so i keep putting it off. Maybe after they both get their titles...

Back to the clicker, I just love my clicker. I use the i-click, which i feel is the BEST clicker in the market. It gives out a very crisp `click!` sound, as compared to other clickers i have used. Now, there is a new version, the clicker+

I want!! So...i ordered -_-''

I am waiting for the shipping quote on my total order now. I haven't really decided if i will get it. I may get more of the i-clicks instead. I keep misplacing them around the house...The clicker+ requires battery, so i guess it may weigh a bit. I like that it produces 2 different sounds, so that you can use it for a 2-dog family, with each dog having their own individual click.

Recently...really have been ordering a lot of things online! The beauty of the low US currency.HaHa..Now, if only the Au currency would drop as well!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

hey buddies,

welcome to - it is great to meet you and i am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Anonymous said...

That's good that the clicker is working out for you, i already had Candi trained in some commands before i found the clicker. I did try it but Candi did seem to adjust to it so it sits in my cupboard now. lol.

hope you do well here at dogs with blogs.
take care
ails & candi

Thehiddenburrow said...

Thanks everyone!

Leonard said...

Hey there!

Read about how you successfully clicker-trained your dog at 5 months. I've a sheltie at 4.5 months and I just got a clicker.

Would you mind sharing exactly what it is you do with Audrey? My dog is in dire need of more training.