Thursday, April 3, 2008

They are back!!!


They are back!!!!! S came back with lots of presents for us. She even brought home a new bed! The treats she brought back from the dog bakery she went are the most fabulous treats! I drool just thinking about it..

S says she will post photos soon once she can solve the error with her CF card (cross fingers). So far, she has developed them, but because her USB wire is also spoilt, she can't upload them onto her computer.

BTW, Its been decided that both of us will be signing up for the coming SKC show. S was a little hesitant because both Arson and I are shedding like crazy but what the heck. We have nothing planned for that weekend anyway.


Fenway said...

Hi Arson--

You have a really great name. I'm a border collie named Fenway and we're kind of related...well, at least in the same ballpark. We both herd and like to keep busy.

I'm a 6 month old puppy and live in Maryland. I'm getting ready for my first big-time conformation show. It's in 2 weeks. I haven't decided yet whether I will parade around the ring nicely or jump wildly and embarrass my owner. Either way, I will be gorgeous, so I don't really care.

Please stop by and see the latest news and the trouble I found this morning.

Gus and Louie said...

Nice to meet you. Can't wait until your mom gets her camera fixed...

Big sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Thehiddenburrow said...

Hi Fenway!
S didn't realise that people can leave comments on blogs! She is that silly!

Good luck for your show! I was very nervous when i went for my first show in Singapore, but i tried my best. S was worried too that i would just lie down and ask for a tummy scratch!

I heard Audrey embarrassed S during her first show! She was being handled by a good friend, but stopped in the middle of the ring and wouldn't move when she spotted S at the side. Now...that was a BAD example! Don't do things like that and everything will be fine! Good luck!

Lots of licks,

Thehiddenburrow said...

Hey Gus and Louie,
we can't wait too! She does have some photos from her spare card though which you can see here:

Thanks for dropping by!

Arson and Audrey